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On this page, you can view some of my favorite projects I've worked on and portfolios of my work as an actor, musician, music director, and writer, and connect with me on other platforms, casting websites and artist directories. Scroll down to read my artistic statement.




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Artistic Statement

This is an ever-evolving statement about why I create art and why I keep coming back to musical theatre storytelling: why it is my calling. 

I am a writer, theatre artist and musician. I approach musical theatre work through the mind of a writer, with the training and interests of a liberal arts, wide ranging performance education. No matter the specifics — from theatre comms and journalism to performing, music directing, dramaturgy and songwriting — the following principles matter to me


I create for others and for myself. I am a multi-hyphenate and value interconnections between art forms. I strive towards empathy. I believe in owning my story and standing up for others. I believe that stories should create understanding, build bridges, and allow audiences to see other lives complexly and authentically. 


I love providing strong foundations and setting projects up for success. I want to bring people together. I want to demystify processes and make storytelling accessible. I want to provide resources from my skillset and be a solid, reliable team player. I am a music director who cares, a performer who goes deep in characterization, a writer who does her research and asks analytical questions


I live for great challenges, adventure, and innovation in the stories I tell. I love daring new works, classical reinterpretations that breathe new life and the Golden Age scores that provided my foundation in musical theatre and make my heart sing. I listen to powerful women singer-songwriters on repeat. I prioritize the stories that matter to me while opening my mind and heart to stories I may not have considered before, and love discovering new art to love.


Applying my nonprofit and journalism skills in theatre spaces is important to me. As a writer, it's my mission to capture the history and memory of fleeting moments of art. In my marketing work, I want to service the intentions of the art I’m promoting and give artists their voice and due in the right way that will interest the world. As a theatre journalist, I want to dispel the notion of the “mean critic” and support art constructively. I want to give useful critiques, hold the form and the industry to a high standard and never compromise for anything less than what I know is right to me. 


I believe that my own voice as a Filipina American artist is valuable. I believe that my sensory processing challenges have made me stronger. I believe that stories should represent the world that we live in. I believe in lifting up underrepresented communities and people of the global majority. But I also believe that we need to go beyond “being seen” and the basic language of “representation” when it comes to EDI in storytelling. I believe the best diverse stories are not just universal. They need to be specific, about seeing people’s individual, personal journeys and existence in this world.


I want to do stories right. I like having vision, but I thrive most in the details and organization. I want to be careful, precise and accurate, and I also want to be understanding, curious, and open. Honesty, vulnerability and trust are at the core of what I value as a storyteller and as a person.


I want to make the world a better place through art, because art gives me hope. I want to lead with love, do good deeds and share radical joy.

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