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In The Media

In a stunning turn of events, sometimes other people write about the art I make and not the other way around! 

Ride the Cyclone 

at Bowie State University 

(Music Director)

“Music Director Daniella Ignacio coached the singers well…Mostly, it’s just a fun, sometimes scary rollercoaster ride.”
-DC Theater Arts

Merrily We Roll Along

at Keegan Theatre

(Music Assistant)

"Broadway’s 'Merrily' shows that it deserves to be in that upper tier of musicals, the ones you have to see. The production here in Washington shows that word of its greatness can be spread by the Keegans of the world, too.”
-The Washington Post

Head Over Heels at Wildwood Summer Theatre (Conductor/Associate Music Director)

“The six-piece orchestra was larger than life and was located upstage center under several platforms, and they sounded great.”
-DC Theater Arts

The Lightning Thief

at Wildwood Summer Theatre (Dramaturg)

“One thing that impressed me about the Wildwood program is its commitment to providing training opportunities in all aspects of theater production...most impressively a dramaturg AND assistant dramaturg (Ileana Blustein and Daniella Ignacio)...the dramaturgs spent time discussing the history of Greek mythology, dyslexia and ADHD with the cast to gain an understanding of what challenges Percy Jackson dealt with as he grew up.”
-DC Theater Arts

AAPI Women's Voices Theatre Festival at Strand Theater Company (Si Qi/Cathy/Jenna)

Jolene Mafnas is another Antarctic scientist in Hot Pot,” as well as an emigree to the U.S. in Cousins and Soup.” Mafnas shares that story with Daniella Ignacio, who carries the weight of the old country while the pair work together at their great uncle’s soup recipe. Both actors are wonderful in that piece... 
-MD Theatre Guide

The Boy Detective Fails

at American University


Especially impressive is the fluid and inventive movement of the cast in the space. A song-and-dance solo might have a backup chorus tap dancing in sneakers. Or set pieces such as desks or a cave or a wall might be physically configured by the ensemble.
-DC Theater Arts

The Pliant Girls

at American University (Kem)

Many of the cast noted that sisterhood to them included supporting other women, holding them accountable and uplifting them. Others said it was an undeniable bond.
-The Eagle

Miss You Like Hell

at American University

(Assistant Music Director)

Music Director Nathan Blustein and Assistant Music Director Daniella Ignacio explored various digital platforms to find the best fit for ensemble music rehearsals.
-AU Arts News

Soul Redeemer 

at Capital Fringe Festival

(Ensemble, u.s. Sweet Melody/Ivey)

The balance of the ensemble was Daniella Ignacio, who also served as Assistant Stage Manager.
-DC Theater Arts

"The Department of Performing Arts Class of 2021 reflects on four years of performing"

“I think it’s really important to consider the world around you when you’re making art, and this program really taught me that.”
-The Eagle (me lol)

Macbeth at AU Rude Mechanicals (Artistic Director)

Even if online theater fizzles away, AU Rude Mechanicals adapted to the online world of theater with its limitations and affordances.
-The Eagle

A Call for a New Federal Theatre Project - Senior Capstone at American University (Director, Music Director, Playwright)

“The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on AU students was portrayed in a raw way during the portion titled “A Living Newspaper Project: ‘when a crisis hits home,’” inspired by Living Newspapers...”
-The Eagle
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