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In a stunning turn of events, sometimes other people write about the art I make and not the other way around! 


"The Department of Performing Arts Class of 2021 reflects on four years of performing"

“I came here because it was a BA program. I didn’t want a conservatory,” said musical theater and journalism double major Daniella Ignacio. “I think it’s really important to consider the world around you when you’re making art, and this program really taught me that.”

Student Awards: Outstanding Achievement in Undergrad Work in the Creative Art


Daniella Ignacio
CAS, Performing Arts: Musical Theatre (BA) & SOC, Communication: Journalism (BA)

Strand Theater’s ‘Man of God’ Offers Catharsis and Conversation

Along with Ng, Man of God features Libbey Kim, Sydney Lo, Steve Lee, Rebecca Kiser, Daniella Ignacio, and Jaine Ye. In addition to other support, Strand’s partnership with APAC helped ensure that Ung was able to cast the show in the way she wanted, by reaching out to local AAPI actors.


DPA’s ‘The Pliant Girls’ showed the power and diversity of sisterhood

The sisters are then subjected to a “picking,” where the audiences see five of the 50 husbands — Marcus (Benedicte Hentsch), Alexander (Ruby Osborne), Kem (Daniella Ignacio), Dean (Nikki Scamuffo) and Claude (Natasha Sookrah) — choose their wives-to-be. 

“Miss You Like Hell” a Virtual Hit

Music Director Nathan Blustein and Assistant Music Director Daniella Ignacio explored various digital platforms to find the best fit for ensemble music rehearsals.


‘The Boy Detective Fails’ is a charming success at American University

Especially impressive is the fluid and inventive movement of the cast in the space. A song-and-dance solo might have a backup chorus “tapdancing” in sneakers. Or “set pieces” such as desks or a cave or a wall might be physically configured by the ensemble.

2019 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Soul Redeemer’

The balance of the ensemble was Daniella Ignacio, who also served as Assistant Stage Manager.


Jennings says goodbye to directing at AU with 'Othello'

“It definitely helped us to bond a lot because we learned a lot about each other and our experiences that we had with black men,” freshman Daniella Ignacio said.

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