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Music and Writing


Arranging My Life: A Senior Cabaret

In spring 2021, I wrote and performed a solo virtual cabaret featuring original poetry, music arrangements, dialogues about my life, and more. The audio from that night was recorded professionally by Daniel Erickson and graduate assistants from the Greenberg/Katzen team at American University. I'm very proud to present the live album and full cabaret here! 

Arranging My Life

Director's Note on A Living Newspaper Project: when a crisis hits home 

Through this project, inspired by Living Newspapers like One Third of a Nation, we talked to AU students and alumni to uncover stories of young people affected by the housing and eviction crisis amidst COVID-19. Our nation has failed the people who are about to become the nation. As AU students ourselves, it feels like the crisis hits home and we can tell students’ stories. We also asked about how they found help, providing resources to housing support and COVID-19 relief assistance at the end of our virtual monologue book. Looking back on our work, I know that this is just the beginning, and there are many people in this country still facing evictions in the new year. It remains essential that their voices are heard. Thinking ahead to what’s possible in 2021, I have cautious hope of a better tomorrow for all those who need a home and comfort in these dark times. View more about The Living Newspaper.

A Call For A New Federal Theatre Project

Throughout the fall 2020 semester, I worked on my senior theatre capstone, where I explored lots of firsts: engaging in playwriting and documentary theatre research inspired by Living Newspapers like One-Third of a Nation by Arthur Arent, developing original arrangements to turn "Nickel Under The Foot" and "Gus and Sadie Love Song" from The Cradle Will Rock into ensemble songs and editing vocal parts together, and directing and music directing my fellow peers. Here are some of the projects that I was involved in! 

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