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Graduation: Reflections and Thank Yous

On May 8, 2021, I graduated from American University with dual degrees in B.A. Performing Arts: Musical Theatre and B.A. Journalism.

I've done a whole lot of reflecting and thank yous on my time at AU over the past year already, so I'll try to keep it short here. If you'd like to see more of my thoughts on my journalism journey, check out the various reflections I've written: one about my time on staff as a whole that will be posted along with my fellow seniors, one about being an AAPI student journalist, and one about my time as Online Managing Editor. For thoughts on how everything came together in my final musical theatre endeavors, check out my virtual program from my senior cabaret and the senior theatre capstone website.

There are so many aspects of theatre that have made me a better journalist, and so many aspects of journalism that have made me a better theatre artist. I can’t define myself as just one or the other. I now truly consider myself a multi-hyphenate storyteller: words I didn’t fully understand when I first came to AU. No matter where I end up going or what I end up doing, I know that I'll be able to tell stories in new and interesting ways. And I won't limit myself by the bounds of any one degree or discipline.

To Mom, Dad, and James, thank you for supporting this crazy dual degree for the past four years. To AU's Department of Performing Arts and School of Communication - especially Caleen Jennings, Nathan Beary Blustein, Tara Giordano, Susan Derry, Linda Allison, Mary Ann Akers, Dr. Sherri Williams, Sarah Menke-Fish, and Cecilia Simon - thank you for everything that you've taught me. And finally, thank you to everyone at AU Rude Mechanicals, The Eagle, and Mu Beta Psi for shaping my time at AU and for all the love, support, and friendship.

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