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Poetry For The End of 2020

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Every month, I'll be posting basically a creative writing dump of some of my favorite pieces of prose that I've written during that month. I haven't published any work of creative writing since high school and I want to start sharing more of it! This first edition consists of my favorites from this past year that encapsulate how I'm feeling as 2020 ends.



two bookends are

about to fall off the shelf

in different directions.

and in between, there are

so many sentences

so many characters

so many plots

that go unfinished.

and sometimes,

most of the time,

i sit here scared

about the story that we’re in.

maybe it’s okay

if i can’t find the words

right now.


“on sources”

(an arts journalism poem)

this is their story:

create a space,

devise a family,

give lonely hearts

your soul and spirit

and welcome them.

be a sanctuary,

respite from wrongs,

and help them feel that

their culture,

their story matters.

i tell their story:

listen intently,

hear their voices,

give unheard thoughts

chances to be spoken

and represent them.

be a vessel,

a platform for recognition,

and help them feel that

their culture,

their story matters.

because people like us,

we too often are silenced.

well, it’s our time to speak.

because our stories matter.



i need to stop floating.

if i’m going to drown

or if i swim with all my might

and get to the top

and gasp for air,

i need to decide.

because life in limbo

isn’t life,

it’s on the edge,

and i do not know

if i can trust myself to sit on it

without falling.

so float,



or fly.

from the depths below

and the sky above

the distance between

uncertainty and love

my existence begins

when i acknowledge others exist.

i want to fly.

i want to live.

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