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What's Coming Next: Winter/Spring 2021 Preview

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

As my final semester at AU begins today, I have some exciting announcements to share!

I'm starting the semester with the livestreams of my senior theatre capstone, A Call For A New Federal Theatre Project overseen by Nathan Beary Blustein and Jessica Wu, on January 22-23. I directed and wrote a work of documentary theatre examining the housing and eviction crisis amidst COVID-19, inspired by Living Newspapers like One-Third of a Nation. I also music directed and created original arrangements of songs from The Cradle Will Rock and performed in other pieces. You can get tickets here!

In February, I’ll be performing in the AU Department of Performing Arts' first play of the spring semester, The Pliant Girls, as Kem. I'm excited to work with an incredible all-female cast, directed by Ameenah Kaplan. The live streamed performances will be on February 18-20, 2021. I will also be overseeing a production of Macbeth directed by Maya Costanzo for the Rudes, which will go up March 19-20, 2021. Audition submissions are due January 22!

On the journalism and public relations side of things, I will be working with the National Performing Arts Funding Exchange as a social media manager for a new project this semester. I will also be a news staff writer for The Eagle and getting back into the trenches of hard news to get more hands-on experience with that before graduating. I hope to write more stories that can diversify our reporting.

I will also be working on developing my own virtual senior recital: a "senior cabaret" of sorts where I'll play piano, guitar and ukulele and tell stories about my life while singing through my book and some original arrangements. More details on that are coming soon!


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